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Artif DNA PNA XNA. 2010 Jul-Sep; 1(1): 1.
PMCID: PMC3109443

Introducing Artificial DNA: PNA & XNA

It is with great pleasure that we launch Artificial DNA: PNA & XNA, the first international peer-reviewed journal of its kind to focus exclusively on chemistry and chemical biology of non-natural nucleic acids and their mimics. We believe this is an excellent time to start this journal, which will aid in formally establishing and defining this expanding field within chemical and synthetic biology. Besides the interest from a fundamental science perspective in terms of understanding the properties of nucleic acids, “artificial” nucleic acids have broad utility and applications in genetic diagnostics and medicinal chemistry. In particular, chemically modified nucleic acids are indispensable within RNA interference (antisense) technology. Furthermore, the virgin area of gene-targeted repair also increasingly takes advantage of artificial nucleic acids, as does the growing field of DNA nanotechnology. Finally, “artificial” nucleic acids contribute to advances and concepts in developments within the origins of life and artificial cell communities.

Thus Artificial DNA is a multi-disciplinary journal covering chemical, biophysical, medical and conceptual aspects of non-natural DNA analogues and mimics including PNA, LNA, HNA, morpholinos etc., as well as of DNA-containing non-natural (e.g., orthogonal) base pairs.

Artificial DNA will broadly publish original research, methods and technical advances, reviews, mini-reviews, comments and meeting reports. Original papers will cover topics important in the field, including new chemistry and structures, new concepts, biological and biomedical applications as well as origin of life and artificial cell aspects. We also realize that new developments in methodology and techniques are an important resource for the research community. Therefore, a section of the journal will allow the latest developments in novel methods concepts.

The journal is proud to present an editorial board covering and representing the field with high scientific standards. The board has with great enthusiasm been instrumental in making this launch possible, and will vouch high scientific standards of the journal. With continued support from the board we hope that this enthusiasm will spread in the scientific community and ensure the success of the journal.

Articles from Artificial DNA, PNA & XNA are provided here courtesy of Taylor & Francis