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Overexpression of SHU1 causes an SDL interaction with deletion of UAF30, a gene that alters rDNA recombination in a FOB1-dependent manner. (A) Fivefold serial dilutions were plated onto selective media with increasing copper concentrations with the empty vector (pWJ1530) or the SHU1 overexpression plasmid (SHU1) transformed into WT or uaf30Δ. (B) Fluorescence microscopy of yeast cells containing Uaf30-YFP and Top1-CFP was analyzed for colocalization (Merge). (C) The frequency of rDNA recombinants (CANR, ade2) was measured in WT, uaf30Δ, fob1Δ, and uaf30Δ fob1Δ yeast strains, and they were plotted with SD. Note that rDNA recombination frequencies vary in uaf30Δ cells, likely due to the destabilization of the rDNA array.

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