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Published online 2011 April 28. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002059

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MMS–induced killing of WT and various apn1, 2 derived mutants.

Logarithmically growing cells were arrested in G2/M with nocodazole, treated with MMS in PBS (0.1%, 15 min, 30 min) and returned to the YPDA+nocodazole medium for post-MMS incubation for 8 hours. The cell survivals of MMS-treated cells, without (A) and with (B) post-MMS incubation were done by plating cells to YPDA plates. The percentage is the ratio of colonies arising after MMS treatment vs mock treatment (done in triplicate). WT ([filled square]), apn1/2 ([filled triangle]), apn1/2 mag1([filled triangle]), apn1/2 ntg1/2 (♦) and apn1/2 ntg1/2 ogg1 (•).

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