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Published online 2011 February 14. doi: 10.1093/bja/aer010

Table 1

Patient characteristic data and baseline characteristics of children and parents. Data are presented as means with 95% confidence intervals for continuous data and percentages for categorical data

Child data
 Age (yr) (M, 95% CI)5.5 (5.1–6.0)
 Gender (% male)63
 Ethnicity (%)
  African American9
  Asian American1
 Previous surgeries (% yes)11
 Baseline temperament (EASI; M, 95% CI)
  Emotionality10.8 (10.1–11.6)
  Activity15.4 (14.6–16.3)
  Sociability18.2 (17.6–18.8)
  Impulsivity12.9 (12.1–13.6)
Parent data
 Mother age (M, 95% CI)35.7 (31.5–40.0)
 Father age (M, 95% CI)39.7 (36.2–43.2)
 Education (yr) (M, 95% CI)15.6 (14.5–16.5)
 Marital status (% married)80
 Anxiety (STAI; M, 95% CI)
  Trait anxiety34.2 (32.9–35.7)
  State anxiety—preoperative holding area39.9 (38.0–41.7)
  State anxiety—walk to the OT44.4 (42.1–46.7)