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J Korean Med Sci. 1988 March; 3(1): 27–29.
PMCID: PMC3053660

Histopathologic study of the so called 'palpation thyroiditis'.


We have reviewed 1066 thyroid lesions and compared the relative incidence of the so called 'palpation thyroiditis' between autoimmune thyroiditis and normal thyroid parenchyme surrounding the nodular thyroid lesion and also discussed the pathogenesis of palpation thyroiditis. The typical histopathologic features of 'palpation thyroiditis' were seen in 275 cases among 467 adenomatous goiters and in none of the autoimmune thyroiditis. We here in this paper suggest that the so called 'palpation thyroiditis' is not merely a secondary phenomenon to mechanical follicular damage by vigorous palpation, but this lesion more likely develops in conditions where certain types of physiologic alteration has occurred in follicular basement membrane, just like a pathogenesis of subacute granulomatous thyroiditis.

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