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Published online 2010 December 24. doi: 10.1093/aob/mcq248

Table 1.

Targets of the DNA array used in this study to assess mycorrhizal associations

Phylogenetic relationship
Target*GenBank accession no.FamilyClosest match in GenBank (accession no.)Sequence identity (%)
OTU 1GQ907249TulasnellaceaeEpulorhiza sp. SC 034 (AB369932)95
OTU 2GQ907254TulasnellaceaeEpulorhiza sp. Ep/Sst/07 (EU418851)97
OTU 3GQ907263TulasnellaceaeUncultured Tulasnellaceae isolate 968 (DQ925661)98
OTU 4GQ907260TulasnellaceaeEpulorhiza sp. RO 02 (AB369933)92
OTU 5GQ907269TulasnellaceaeEpulorhiza sp. RO 02 (AB369933)98
OTU 6GQ907266TulasnellaceaeUncultured Tulasnellaceae isolate 451 (EU195344)97
OTU 7GQ907258TulasnellaceaeUncultured Tulasnellaceae isolate A1·14 (EU583697)98
OTU 8GQ907283ThelephoraceaeUncultured ectomycorrhiza (Tomentella) isolate UBCOCS640F (EF218835)93
OTU 9GQ907285CortinariaceaeHebeloma senescens (AY312987)99
OTU 10GU066935TulasnellaceaeUncultured Tulasnellaceae isolate 612 (DQ925634)97
OTU 11GU066936CeratobasidiaceaeUncultured Ceratobasidiaceae isolate 7837·2.OR (EU668239)99

For oligonucleotides see Jacquemyn et al. (2010).

* OTU: operational taxonomic unit, grouping strains with transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences (ITS1, 5·8S rDNA and ITS2) with >97 % sequence identity.

Representing the ITS sequence (ITS1, 5·8S rDNA and ITS2) from which the oligonucleotides were derived.

Sequence identity between the ITS sequences (ITS1, 5·8S rDNA and ITS2) representing the OTUs and their closest match in GenBank.