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Logo of jcinvestThe Journal of Clinical Investigation
Published online 2011 January 18. doi: 10.1172/JCI44185

Figure 5

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KSHV-induced expression of the proliferation marker Ki67.

Tonsil cells were analyzed for the expression of LANA and the proliferative marker Ki67 72 hpi using MIFC. (A) Representative images of LANA and LANA+ cells labeled with antibodies directed against LANA and Ki67 following KSHV exposure. (B) Left panel: Histogram showing Ki67 expression in LANA (gray filled) and LANA+ (black line) cells. Right panel: Mean percentage (±SEM) of cells expressing Ki67 unexposed to KSHV (light gray bar); exposed to KSHV but LANA (gray bar); or exposed to KSHV and or LANA+ (black bar). (C) Mean percentage (±SEM) of cells expressing Ki67 gated according to relative intracellular viral load into groups with 0, 1–2, 3–4, or ≥5 LANA dots/cell. P value refers to Spearman correlation, which was 0.902. (D) Mean (±SEM) fold change in levels of Ki67 expression was assessed by dividing the Ki67 MFI of each of LANA+ group (gated as in C) by the Ki67 MFI of LANA cells. Only Ki67+ cells were analyzed. Data represent mean ± SEM from 4 separate tonsil donors. P value refers to Spearman correlation, which was 0.792.

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