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Logo of jcinvestThe Journal of Clinical Investigation
Published online 2011 January 18. doi: 10.1172/JCI44185

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Expression and maintenance of LANA within human tonsillar B cells.

MIFC was used to identify cells expressing characteristic nuclear LANA dots following KSHV infection of tonsillar B cells isolated from 6 donors. (A) Representative images of B cells from cultures unexposed (left panel) or exposed (right panel) to KSHV. (B) Isolated B cells were cultured in the absence or presence of KSHV, and the percentage of LANA dot–positive cells was determined at 60–84 hpi for individual donors represented by individual symbols. Horizontal bars represent the mean value for all donors. (C) Cells from a separate tonsil were cultured without (gray line) or with (black line) KSHV for the indicated times before MIFC analysis of B cells gated within the software. For analyses at 7 dpi only, cells were kept in the presence of CD40L-3T3 cells to maintain viability. N, DAPI-stained nucleus; BF, bright-field.

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