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Published online 2011 January 21. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016349

Table 5

The demographic comparison between the Chinese and the Burmese HIV-HCV-HBV negative IDUs.
ParameterVolunteer group (no. [%])P
Subjects63 (15.6)95 (29.9)<0.001
Age (Mean±SD)28.5±6.4a33.4±11.7b<0.005
Age of first drug injection(Mean±SD)24.3±6.3c29.3±9.3d<0.05
Years of drug injection(Mean±SD)3.8±3.0e3.6±4.0fNS
IDUs, intravenous drug users; NS, not significant.
adata available for 63 subjects.
bdata available for 84 subjects.
cdata available for 59 subjects.
ddata available for 69 subjects.
edata available for 59 subjects.
fdata available for 67 subjects.