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Published online 2011 January 4. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015364

Table 1

Complementation frequency and time required for colony formation on selective media (M9-glucose).
Complementation FrequencyTime to Grow (Days)
Novel proteins capable of enabling cell growth were isolated for 4 strains. Complementation frequency was calculated by dividing the number of colonies on selective plates (rescued transformants) by the number of colonies on rich plates (total transformants). This apparent frequency was then adjusted to estimate the true complementation rate by correcting for any false positives that failed to restreak or retransform. The following additional strains from the Keio collection were tested, but were not rescued by sequences from the library: ΔargB, ΔargE, ΔargH, ΔaroB, ΔaroC, ΔaroD, ΔaroE, ΔbioA, ΔcysG, ΔglnA, ΔhisA, ΔilvC, ΔilvD, ΔleuB, ΔleuC, ΔleuD, ΔpdxA, Δppc, ΔproB, ΔpurF, ΔpyrF, ΔthrB, and ΔthrC.