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Indian J Psychiatry. 1983 Apr-Jun; 25(2): 121–128.
PMCID: PMC3012335


R. Anand, M.D. (Psychiat.),1 J.K. Trivedi, M.D. (Psychiat.),2 and S.C. Gupta, M.A., D.M. & S.P., Ph.D.3


In this enquiry a cross-sectional study of hospitalized psychiatric patients was undertaken to assess prevalence and nature of suicidal behaviour. We have been able to delineate these subjects into three categories i.e. non-communicators, partial communicators and definite communicators on the basis of their scores upon intent questionnaire. A follow up study of these patients which is in progress may further provide knowledge about relationship between predictive criterion and their final outcome.

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