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Published online 2010 November 30. doi: 10.1038/msb.2010.87

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Lipid-binding fingerprints as predictors of protein localization, domains and functions. (A) Proteins clustered according to their lipid-binding profiles. The wedge shapes highlight some groups that are enriched (P<0.05) in a particular annotation. The black oblong represents the group of proteins that did not bind any lipid in this study. This group is deficient in proteins annotated by SGD (Nash et al, 2007) as lipid binding. The violet cluster of 12 proteins from Caf120 to Kes1 is also enriched for myriocin-insensitive proteins (P=0.01). (B) Live-cell imaging of Mss4 fused to GFP reveals localization in punctate membrane structures.

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