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Published online 2010 November 30. doi: 10.1038/msb.2010.87

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Protein–lipid map in yeast. The table displays all interactions color coded according to the number of experimental supports: reproducibility with proteins expressed in homologous and heterologous systems, binding to artificial (liposome) and biological (live-cell imaging) membranes and genetic interactions. The data set is provided as Supplementary information (Supplementary Tables S2C and S4; see also Supplementary Data 1). The bar charts show the fraction of novel interactions per lipid or protein classes for which supporting evidence is available. The total numbers of novel interactions are displayed next to each bar. The pie charts represent the fraction of conserved proteins. PtdInsP, phosphatidylinostitol phosphate; GPL, glycerophospholipid; SL, sphingolipid; FA, fatty acid; GL, glycerolipid; S&P, sterol and prenol.

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