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Ther Adv Neurol Disord. 2009 November; 2(6): 62.
PMCID: PMC3002607



The Editor and SAGE Publications are most grateful and would like to express their thanks to the Editorial Board members and all other assessors included in the following list, for so generously giving their advice and time to reviewing manuscripts submitted to Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders in 2009:

MJ Alberts

C Angelini

C Antoine

A Awad

M Bagary

P Bain

J Bennett

U Bonuccelli

AL Boster

W Brück

P Calabrese

P Calabresi

J Caviness

A Chan

O Collins

C Colosimo

A Daniele

RMA De Bie

G De Joanna

G De Santis

F Del Sorbo

E Frohman

AR Giovagnoli

K Gorson

B Hemmer

J Herbison

R Hohlfeld

M Holtkamp

M Karatas

M Kerr

B Kieseier

M Kim

T Korn

V Kostic

D Krasnewich

P Kwan

P Lamberti

C Lampl

D Lange

J Lee

R Linker

P Maerrinez-Martin

E Martignoni

M Matharu

G Miceli

X Montalban

W Muellges

R Nau

I Nishino

D Nyholm

P Patsalos

R Peatfield

R Petersen

S Pittock

G Plant

AT Reder

P Rieckmann

GW Rodway

L Romito

G Rubboli

H Sadeghian

C Saft

R Schiffman

D Schmidt

E Schmutzhard

M Serrano-Dueñas

T Siddique

G Sills

S Simpson

B Smith

P Smith

J Speelman

F Stocchi

O Stüve

A Tennant

S Tepper

J Tervaert

A Van Der Ploeg

P Van Doorn

M Weatherall

H Wiendl

Articles from Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders are provided here courtesy of SAGE Publications