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Can Fam Physician. 2010 December; 56(12): 1335.
PMCID: PMC3001937

Behavior and medicine

5th edition

AUTHORS Danny Wedding, Margaret L. Stuber  PUBLISHER Hogrefe Publishing, 660 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 119–514, Toronto, ON M4G 2K2  TELEPHONE 416 482-6339  WEBSITEwww.hogrefe.comPUBLISHED 2010/352 pp/$65.00 

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From the publisher. This new edition of one of the most popular and highly regarded texts has been fully revised and updated. It is structured to reflect the latest Institute of Medicine recommendations on the teaching of behavioural and social sciences in medicine. Its 25 chapters are divided into 5 core domains: mind-body interactions in health and disease, patient behaviour, the physician’s role and behaviour, physician-patient interactions, and social and cultural issues in health care, along with some focus on health policy and economics. More than 40 leading educators from major medical faculties have contributed to produce the most comprehensible and well-designed text in its field. Unique to Behavior and Medicine is the use of hundreds of works of art, poetry, and aphorisms to provoke thought and interest and to illuminate the most important points. This comprehensive and up-to-date textbook, with its practical and clinical emphasis, is ideally suited for teaching behavioural sciences in the medical school classroom.

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