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CMAJ. 2010 December 14; 182(18): E863–E864.
PMCID: PMC3001539

Learning medicine through riddles

S. Manikandan, Assistant professor
Department of Pharmacology, Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Pondicherry, India
Dr. N. Isai Vani, Assistant professor

Each riddle is an autobiography of a drug. Name it

  1. My US and UK names differ
    Those bothered by sulfa may suffer
    I’m sequestered at the site of action
    Weight gain is my adverse reaction
  2. I’m polypeptide in nature
    Sourced from a poisonous creature
    I mimic the gut hormone in action
    Pancreatitis my serious reaction
  3. I got into the limelight by
    Modulating gene expression
    But peripheral edema
    Created a bad first impression
    Raised liver enzymes just
    Added fuel to the flame
    Cardiovascular events
    On the increase made me lame
  4. I am extracted from a goat’s rue
    After just one months’ therapy,
    My benefit is due
    Anorexia is my beneficial side-effect
    Dose division will lesse
    My main adverse effect
  5. Named after my structural modification
    A common metabolic
    Disorder my indication
    I’m very rapid in action
    And least variable in absorption
  6. Born in 19th century for gout
    But later served a different bout
    Tiny in structure; tardy in action
    Hypothyroidism and
    Tremor my adverse reactions

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  1. Glibenclamide/Glyburide
  2. Exenatide
  3. Rosiglitazone
  4. Metformin
  5. Insulin lispro
  6. Lithium

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