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Published online 2010 December 13. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014298

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Treatment with Hemin upregulates HO-1 and leads to improved renal functional outcome.

(A) Relative mRNA expression of HO-1 in obstructed kidneys from untreated (UUO) and treated (Hemin) animals, 7 and 14 days after surgery. mRNA values from samples are relatively expressed to Control animals, which were assigned a value of 1. * p<0,001 vs. UUO, ** p<0,05 vs. UUO 7 days and #p<0,001 vs. Hemin 7 days. (B) Urine protein values (mg/dL) from bladder of control, UUO and Hemin-treated animals. *p<0,05 vs. Hemin, # p<0,05 vs. Control and **p<0,05 vs. Hemin. (C) Urine protein/creatinine ratio of obstructed pelvis collected by puncture at time of sacrifice from UUO and Hemin-treated animals. *p<0,05 vs. UUO 14 days. (D) Urine albumin excretion analysis. The top panel represents an SDS-PAGE showing the molecular weight of albumin. The graph below expresses the digital optic quantification from the SDS-PAGE. All data are expressed as average ± s.e.m.

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