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Logo of nihpaAbout Author manuscriptsSubmit a manuscriptHHS Public Access; Author Manuscript; Accepted for publication in peer reviewed journal;
J Infect Dis. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2011 November 15.
Published in final edited form as:
J Infect Dis. 2010 November 15; 202(10): 1553–1561.
Published online 2010 October 12. doi: 10.1086/656722

Table 2

Correlation of HIV DNA with T-cell Activation

CorrelationCorrelation coefficient (r), by site

DNA/106 cells with:PBMCduodenumileumcolonrectum

CD38+DR+ as %CD4+ T0.36−0.63−0.42−0.39−0.50
CD38+DR+ as %CD8+ T0.26−0.42−0.47−0.47−0.60
CD38+ as %CD4+ T0.77*A0.06−0.19−0.29−0.17
CD38+ as %CD8+ T0.53−0.36−0.50−0.75*B−0.52
HLA-DR+ as %CD4+ T0.43−0.63−0.43−0.34−0.26
HLA-DR+ as %CD8+ T0.50−0.32−0.45−0.45−0.31

DNA/106 CD4+ T with:PBMCduodenumileumcolonrectum

CD38+DR+ as %CD4+ T0.74*C−0.43−0.29−0.31−0.83*D
CD38+DR+ as %CD8+ T0.36−0.500.00−0.51−0.47
CD38+ as %CD4+ T0.52−0.050.06−0.23−0.55
CD38+ as %CD8+ T0.29−0.190.00−0.46−0.14
HLA-DR+ as %CD4+ T0.60−0.43−0.21−0.27−0.63
HLA-DR+ as %CD8+ T0.55−0.380.02−0.48−0.41

The remaining correlations were not statistically significant.