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Published online 2010 November 30. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014131

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A17-signatures are enriched in bone metastasis and are up-regulated after hormonal therapy in ER-positive tumors.

Module map analysis of public available microarray dataset of human metastatic tumors disseminated from primary breast cancers demonstrated that A17-signatures were significantly over-represented in bone metastasis samples and under-expressed in brain metastasis samples (a). Module map analysis on murine xenotransplats of breast tumor cells before and after hormonal therapy showed that A17-signatures were significantly under-represented in samples before treatment (b). Hierarchical clusterization for a restricted gene set of epithelial, basal-like and mesenchymal markers (c) showed that the highest percentages of ‘after treatment’ samples fell in two clusters, which were characterized by the higher-then-median expression of HER-2 and KRT5, respectively.

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