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Figure 7

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Expression of c-Fos and MKP1 in Oral Epithelium

(A–C) (A) Resting expression of c-Fos and MKP1 in oral RHE. Upregulation of c-Fos and MKP1 expression is associated with contact with Candida hyphae at (B) the surface after 4 hr and (C) throughout the epithelial layer when hyphae penetrate and invade at 24 hr (dark-brown staining).

(D) Resting expression levels of c-Fos and MKP1 in control biopsies of human oral epithelium.

(E and F) Increased expression of both c-Fos and MKP1 in two different oral biopsies with Candida infection (E, left, and F, top; dark-brown staining). Insets in (E) and (F) show an enlarged view of the region of Candida infection in each respective biopsy.

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