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Published online 2010 October 31. doi: 10.1186/1465-9921-11-152

Table 5

The role of leptin in COPD

Mechanism studiedReference (year)Main messageMain limitations
Cachexia-stable COPDTakabatake et al102
Leptin production regulated physiologically and not correlated with TNF-α or sTNF-ROnly males/Limited number of patients/No adjustment for FM
Takabatake et al104 (2001)Absence of circadian rhythm of leptinOnly males/Limited number of patients
Schols et al106 (1999)Leptin related to sTNF-R55 in emphysemaOnly males/Limited number of patients/Patients received CS
ExacerbationCreutzberg et al108 (2000)Increased leptin (serial measurements)
Leptin positively correlated with sTNFR-55
Limited number of patients/Patients with hospital stay < 7 days excluded/Patients received CS/Only severe COPD
Kythreotis et al109 (2009)Leptin positively correlated with TNF-αPatients received CS

Abbreviations: FM: fat mass, CS: corticosteroids