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Published online 2010 November 9. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0013720

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Rb and E2F1 proteins are recruited to human origins of DNA replication.

The schemes (A) and (C) show the genomic regions containing the Lamin B2 origin and the two GM-CSF origins, respectively. Converging arrows indicate sets of primers. The histograms (B) and (D) show the quantification of crosslinked DNA immunoprecipitated by ChIP on the Lamin B2 and GM-CSF origins, respectively. Each graph shows the specific amplified genomic regions from the origins and the antibodies used for ChiP experiments. The bars indicated as Control show the results obtained by using an irrelevant antibody (normal rabbit IgG). The histograms report the results (mean and standard error of the mean, indicated by error bars) of at least three different experiments. The results are presented as a percentage of the amounts of precipitated chromatin over input DNA. For each of the investigated antibodies, but not for the control, the abundance of the immunoprecipitated regions investigated showed statistically significant difference between origin and non-origin regions (B48 and B48bis for Lamin B2 Ori and #16, #17 and #23 for the GM-CSF oris; P<0.05).

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