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Infect Immun. 2010 November; 78(11): 4967.
PMCID: PMC2976365

Recombination-Based In Vivo Expression Technology Identifies Helicobacter pylori Genes Important for Host Colonization

Volume 76, no. 12, p. 5632-5644, 2008. Page 5638: Figure Figure44 should appear as shown here.

Page 5638: The legend to Fig. Fig.4B4B should read as follows. “(B) Pivi51 is 95 bp in length and overlaps mesJ and the intergenic region upstream of mesJ. However, since Pivi51 is antisense to mesJ, it does not regulate mesJ, but rather an as-yet-unidentified transcript.”

Page 5638, column 2: Lines 33-44 should read as follows. “Pivi51 regulates an as-yet-unidentified open reading frame. Pivi51 overlaps HP1182 and the region upstream of HP1182. However, Pivi51 is located on the reverse strand and thus is not oriented correctly to direct expression of HP1182. It is not immediately obvious which open reading frame is regulated by Pivi51.”

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