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Published online 2010 October 8. doi: 10.1093/bja/aeq269

Table 1

Parameter values used in the economic evaluation. The additional hour of recovery time therefore represented a resource cost of £19.61

Cost of drugs (per dose)
Reduction in recovery time associated with sugammadex and rate of recurrence of block or residual block
DrugAverage doseVial size (cost)Cost per doseStrategyArithmetic mean time to recovery (min) (derived from Blobner and colleagues12 and Jones and colleagues14)
Recurrence of block or residual block
Moderate blockProfound blockProbabilityResource cost
Rocuronium (0.6 mg kg−1)45 mg50 mg (£3.01)£3.01Rocuronium with neostigmine/glycopyrrolate25.3970.690.059 (2/34)15£1.15
Rocuronium with sugammadex2.023.90
Reduction associated with sugammadex23.3766.80
Vecuronium (0.1 mg kg−1)7.5 mg10 mg (£3.95)£3.95Vecuronium with neostigmine/glycopyrrolate27.2771.990.055 (13/230)16£1.11
Vecuronium with sugammadex3.034.76
Reduction associated with sugammadex24.2467.23
Neostigmine/glycopyrrolate2.5 mg/0.5 mg2.5 mg/0.5 mg (£1.01)£1.01
Sugammadex (2 mg kg−1)150 mg200 mg (£59.64)£59.64
Sugammadex (4 mg kg−1)300 mg2×200 mg (£119.28)£119.28
Estimated staff costs associated with the recovery period
Staff memberAnnual salaryAnnual NI and pensionWorking timeCost per minute
Consultant surgeon£117 450£29 68641.4 weeks, 43.4 h£1.36
SpR surgeon£48 038£11 08442.4 weeks, 40.0 h£0.58
Consultant anaesthetist£117 450£29 68641.4 weeks, 43.4 h£1.36
Nurse (band 5)£22 900£479341.3 weeks, 37.5 h£0.30
Nurse (band 6)£29 200£624941.3 weeks, 37.5 h£0.38
Nurse (band 7)£34 000£735741.3 weeks, 37.5 h£0.45
Weighted average£25 075£5296£0.33
Total£369 038£88 855£4.44