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Indian J Psychiatry. 2003 Oct-Dec; 45(4): 205–207.
PMCID: PMC2952365

Is oestrogen a ‘biological neuroleptic’?


Objective :

Oestrogen-hypothesis in schizophrenia is a largely debated issue. Being a multifactor disorder, schizophrenia has gained importance in the field of psychiatric research, especially to dig out the tentative aetiologies (genetic, biological, environmental etc.), still under tested or not tested. The present article is an attempt only to understand the possible role of oestrogen as a ‘core’ biological factor at the backdrop of male-female differences (in the onset, course, treatment response, prognosis) in schizophrenia barring other factors. This is to reduce the level of ‘conflict’ and ‘confusion’ in the article.

Method :

Electronic data search is the mainstay of the literature bank, included in the article and only ’supportive’ evidences (direct and indirect) are incorporated to understand the role of oestrogen in the brain at the backdrop of schizophrenia.


The study comes out with a postulation that oestrogen has got a potential effect in moderating the process of schizophrenia in the females.

Conclusion :

Oestrogen could be tested as the ’novel’ therapeutic agent in the female schizophrenics with the necessary support from the modern Nuclear Imaging Techniques to get maximum therapeutic benefit in schizophrenia.

Keywords: schizophrenia, oestrogen, dopamine, serotonin

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