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Indian J Psychiatry. 2003 Apr-Jun; 45(2): 31–38.
PMCID: PMC2952144

Psychopathology in children of schizophrenics


The higher prevalence of schizophrenia in children of schizophrenics than in the general population has generated an interest in pinpointing those behaviors that may precede the disorder and serve as an index of vulnerability to the disorder. Signs of neurobehavioral dysfunction in areas of neurocognitive functioning and social behavior have been found in school-age children of schizophrenic parents. This study assessed the neurobehavioral functioning, social behavior, cognitive functioning, attention and intelligence in children with a schizophrenic parent and compared the same parameters with children of mentally healthy parents. The children aged 12-15 years, were assessed with a battery of neurobehavioral tests. The children with a schizophrenic parent performed more poorly on the tests as compared to the children of mentally healthy parents. The children with a schizophrenic parent were seen to have more behavioral problems, especially withdrawn behavior and more social problems when compared to the other children in the study. Poor attention, disordered thoughts and lower intelligence were also observed to be more in the children of the schizophrenic parent

Keywords: Children, schizophrenic parents, intelligence, attention, thought disorder

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