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Yale J Biol Med. 2010 September; 83(3): 139.
Published online 2010 September.
PMCID: PMC2946128


Since 1989, the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine has published the thesis abstracts of all graduates of the Yale University School of Medicine [1]. In doing so, YJBM sought to showcase the strength and diversity of medical student research at Yale, outstanding features of the university’s system of medical education. This year, YJBM has adopted a new format, publishing the abstracts of only a select number of award-winning medical student theses. With the recent introduction of the Yale Medical Thesis Digital Library [2], a project of the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library, the abstracts as well as full text of all medical student theses can now be found elsewhere in a readily searchable online format. Thus, going forward, YJBM will focus on the most meritorious and noteworthy scholarship of the graduating classes.

The authors of the 11 theses presented in the current issue were awarded the following prizes at the commencement ceremony of the Yale School of Medicine in May 2010 [3]:

  • Emma Longley Barber: The Nicholas J. Giarman Prize
  • David Adam Gimbel: The William U. Gardner Thesis Prize
  • Ravi Raja Kavasery: The John P. Peters Prize
  • Elizabeth Jean Kvach: The Laboratory Medicine Award
  • Robert Leone: The Dr. Harold H. Lamport Biomedical Research Prize
  • Adam Licurse: The Louis G. Welt Prize
  • Christopher Perry Miller: The Dr. Louis H. Nahum Prize
  • Yasha S. Modi: The Ferris Prize
  • Katherine Marie Mullen: The Keese Prize
  • Jonathan Conrad Romanyshyn: The Lidz Prize in Psychiatry
  • Joshua Isaac Weiner: The Association for Academic Surgery-Novartis Research Award

With topics ranging from biomolecular basic science to clinical research, these abstracts represent the exceptional quality of research that is pursued by students of the Yale School of Medicine.


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