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Can Fam Physician. 2010 September; 56(9): 922.
PMCID: PMC2939124

Nutrition guide for physicians

EDITORS Ted Wilson, George A. Bray, Norman J. Temple, Marie Boyle Struble  PUBLISHER Humana Press, 999 Riverview Dr, Suite 208, Totowa, NJ 07512, USA  TELEPHONE 800 777–4643 2010/446 pp/$98.95 

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From the publisher. This book is a desktop reference guide to nutrition and its clinical implications for health and disease through the life cycle. Presented in a user-friendly style, it serves as a valuable resource of practical information on nutrition for physicians to use in daily practice. Nutrition Guide for Physicians is divided into 3 parts, which cross the spectrum of nutritional concerns for improving the practice of medicine. The first part provides basic nutritional principles for physicians. The second part covers nutrition through the life cycle and optimal nutrition patterns at all stages of development. The third part covers diet and its role in prevention, cause, and treatment of disease. All chapters include figures and tables that provide useful descriptive and visual reviews. Key points and succinct conclusions are also provided for each topic. Nutrition Guide for Physicians provides a broad perspective of the influence nutrition has on medical practice, and will be an indispensable resource for primary care physicians and other medical professionals.

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