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CMAJ. 2010 September 7; 182(12): 1330.
PMCID: PMC2934802

Moving on from euthanasia

It is time to move on from the euthanasia debate.1 Let’s also move on from “physician-assisted suicide.”

Rationally, if a society legalizes the killing of sick people, it should use the group that is most efficient, legal, trained and, at times, paid to kill: the Armed Forces. Want to die? Fill out a chit, and the sniper takes you out from 100 yards. No pain; indeed, you will never even hear the shot. Still in the hospital? Perhaps nerve gas in the oxygen line. Very effective. Some options are a bit messy, and therein lies the rub. The hypocrites want everything all “nice” and sanitized.

The Armed Forces will kick and scream about killing the population they are sworn to serve. So please, tell me why physicians should do it instead.


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1. Flegel K, Hébert PC. Time to move on from the euthanasia debate. CMAJ. 2010;182:877. [PMC free article] [PubMed]

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