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Int J Yoga. 2009 Jul-Dec; 2(2): 45.
PMCID: PMC2934574

The power of Prana

As we move from gross to subtle, the laws of Physics become more generalized and encompassing. We have seen in Science that generalized laws contain the grosser laws; often, the subtler laws reduce themselves to grosser laws. The theory of relativity is totally different when the velocity of particles reaches the velocity of light. But at normal speed, the laws reduce to Newtonian laws.

Molecules are bound very closely in ice and much less rigidly in water; hence water acquires fluidity and follows the law that water finds its own level by flowing from higher to lower levels. The rigid binding of molecules in water is loosened by heating. When we raise the temperature to nearly 100°C, the molecules are so energized that they get the freedom to leave the folds of gravitation and start evaporating raising high in air. It is the heat energy that makes solid ice become water and then steam. Yet another happening is the absorption of latent heat, which converts boiling water into steam at 100 degrees Celsius. This phase transition energy goes on accumulating without an increase in temperature at this boiling point of water. Steam, when cooled, becomes water and later ice. The whole process is reversible.

In the same way, the panchabhutas – akasa (space), vayu (wind), agni (fire), apah (water) and prithivi (earth) are grossified dimensions of subtle Pancha Tanmatras, which constitute our Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya and Vijnanamaya koshas while Anandamaya Kosha is the causal dimension from where all others emerge. The laws of Pranamya Kosha are therefore more generalized than those of Annamaya Kosha (Physical world), which have been almost fully tracked by modern physics, both by classical (CM) and quantum mechanics (QM). So the laws that govern the Pranamaya kosha are more generalized and subtler than those of CM and QM. There is greater freedom for subtle particles of Pranamaya Kosha than molecules and atoms of the physical world. When a Yogi with his sadhana, purifies the gross body and moves to the subtle body, the process of purification converts his Annamaya grossness to subtlety of Pranamaya Kosha. Levitation and flying in air, freedom from need of gross food and water (liquid intake in general) will all emerge. These are regarded as siddhis or, in common parlance, super natural powers. These siddhis are rarely found well demonstrable in modern times as there are not many highly purified Yogis who get these powers. Many of them get the glimpses of the same, but have no further purification to sustain those powers - leading often to doubt whether such siddhis exist at all.

Patanjali's Yoga sutras not only describe such possibilities, they also offer precise methods to achieve the same through Samyama – the Dharana, dhyana, Samadhi triplet. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's efforts towards the same were partially accomplished; few sadhakas could really get glimpses of such lightness, which made them feel as if they were levitating. However, more purification is needed to make such glimpses grow to repeatable and demonstrable levels.

Interaction of Pranamaya and Annamaya kosha is imbedded in psycho-kinetic powers which have become more demonstrable today. The delegates who attended our earlier international conferences were awe-stuck to see Senehi bend spoons, metal coins and wooden pencils by the mere passing of palms over them, not only on the stage (which is normally well equipped with tools and gadgets by the magicians) but also in front of all scientists without any hidden tricks.

The power of Prana used in pranic healing demonstrated by us[1] and in bringing significant favorable changes in cancer cells published recently by Gloria Gronowicz[2] from the University of Connecticut are empirical proof of the above mentioned, holding great promise of bringing these higher capacities of powered up prana in human systems, to deal with subtle and modern diseases such as cancer and HIV.


1. Jain R, Nagarathna R, Nagendra HR, Telles S. Effect of 'pranic' healing in chronic musculoskeletal pain: A single blind control study. Int J Alternat Compl Med. 1999;17:14–7.
2. Gronowicz G. Therapeutic touch affects osteoblast proliferation and bone formation in cell culture “Connection” J Nurse Healers Prof Assoc Int. 2007;27:1–3.

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