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Table 2

Comparison between the results of our study and those of Shields et al.4

ParameterCurrent study (% of total=105 lesions)Shields et al. (% of total=410 lesions)P
History of enlargement of the lesion prior to surgery24 (23%)176 (43%)<.0001a
Most common site of lesionBulbarBulbar-
Pigmentation of the lesion by clinical examination103 (98%)344 (84%)<.0001a
Indication for surgeryCosmetic40 (38%)Cosmetic16 (4%)<.0001a
Recent growth22 (21%)Recent growth32 (8%)
To rule out malignancy8 (8%)To rule out malignancy95 (23%)
Others35 (33%)Others267 (65%)
Most common histopathologic diagnosisCompound nevusCompound nevus-
aSignificant by Chi-square test.