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Transient transfection of the α2(I) collagen promoter in hepatic stellate cells exposed to 200 μM acetaldehyde, MDA, or both. Two to ten μg of the wild-type (pGL3-1009) promoter was transfected by the calcium phosphate precipitation method [24] or by Lipofectamine. Exposure time to all culture additives was 48 h. Experiments shown were performed in triplicate on three separate occasions and transfection efficiency was assayed by cotransfection with 0.5 μg β-galactosidase. The data shown represent the average of these studies ± SE. Data analysis was by Student’s t-test. Results shown were standardized to protein assayed (RLU/μg protein). Protein sample analysis by the method of Lowry [25]. No significant difference exists between treatment groups, but a significant difference (p < .05) did exist between each treatment group and untreated, or control lysates.

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