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Can Vet J. 2010 September; 51(9): 1025–1028.
PMCID: PMC2920161

Market share for veterinary practice management software

According to the 2009 CVMA Practice Owner’s Economic Survey (1), the most popular veterinary management software in Canada for both companion animal and mixed and large animal practices was AVI Mark. With 30% of the market in companion animal practices and 22% of the market in mixed, AVI Mark was clearly the industry leader. From province to province, AVI Mark dominated the market but lost ground to some smaller Canadian-owned software companies in companion animal practices. In some provinces, AVI Mark lost share to Impromed Infinity in mixed and large animal practices.

The 2009 CVMA Practice Owners’ Economic Survey was sent to all veterinary hospitals in Canada. A total of 685 practices returned the survey providing a 23% national response. On the survey, practice owners were asked which practice management software they currently used. They were not asked to comment on the effectiveness or their opinion of the software. This article provides the distribution of practice management software from the 500 companion animal practices and 126 mixed and large animal practices that responded. The information is presented by type of practice both nationally and provincially.

The 2009 CVMA Practice Owners survey was made possible through the support of the CVMA, provincial veterinary associations, and corporate sponsors including Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada, Petsecure, Scotiabank, and Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.

Nationally, AVI Mark was the clear industry leader in companion animal hospitals (Figure 1). In fact, AVI Mark had almost as much market share as the 2nd and 3rd place companies combined. This is not bad for a company that does not advertise, and until recently, did not exhibit at any trade shows in Canada. AVI Mark made headway in the Canadian marketplace by reputation and word-of-mouth advertising.

Figure 1
National distribution of practice management software — Companion animal practices.

Second place nationally went to Cornerstone (an Idexx owned company), which included a handful of Idexx “legacy” or pre-Cornerstone editions. One of the benefits Idexx offers with Cornerstone is the ability to seamlessly link up diagnostic equipment with the software. Third place went to Logivet, a French language software that dominates the landscape in Quebec taking 60% of that market. Outside of Quebec, Logivet can be found in a few practices in New Brunswick but in no other province in Canada.

After the top 3 systems were accounted for, the rest battled for the last 40% of the market. The next 3 software companies, Vetware, Winvet, and Alisvet, are all Canadian owned and together made up 17% of the market. The only other company with 5% or more market share in companion animal hospitals was Impromed Infinity at 5%. Although a distant 7th in companion animal hospitals, Impromed was the second most popular software in mixed and large animal practices and the most popular software for mixed and large animal hospitals in 2 provinces.

In mixed and large animal practices, it was much of the same systems with similar market divisions (Figure 2). AVI Mark was the market leader at 22% followed by Impromed Infinity at 14% and Cornerstone at 12%. In similar fashion to the companion animal market, after the big three, other systems garnered less than 10%.

Figure 2
National distribution of practice management software — Mixed and large animal practices.

Provincially, AVI Mark captured the top spot in 5 provinces (Tables 1 and and2).2). In the other 5 provinces, 3 practice management systems prevailed as number 1 provincially. In Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Canadian owned Vetware was the most popular, while in Manitoba and Alberta, it was Cornerstone. In Quebec, Logivet held 60% of the market. In mixed animal practice, AVI Mark was the industry leader in 5 of the 7 provincial studies with Impromed Infinity leading in Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Table 2).

Table 1
Provincial distribution of practice management software — Companion animal hospitals
Table 2
Provincial distribution of practice management software — Mixed and large animal hospitals

Across species, the top 3 software players in Canada in 2009 were AVI Mark, Cornerstone, and Impromed Infinity. Together, they held 60% of the market in companion animal practice and 48% of the market in mixed and large animal practices. Behind them, Canadian companies started to shine with Logivet dominating the French market in Quebec. Outside of Quebec, Vetware was the 3rd largest English language software followed by Winvet and Alisvet.

If you have any questions about the CVMA 2009 Practice Owners Economic Survey please contact Oliver Hoffmann at gro.vmca-avmc@nnamffoho


Use of this article is limited to a single copy for personal study. Anyone interested in obtaining reprints should contact the CVMA office (gro.vmca-amvc@nothguorbh) for additional copies or permission to use this material elsewhere.


1. Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. CVMA Practice Owner’s Economic Survey 2009

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