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J Biomol Tech. 2010 September; 21(3 Suppl): S78.
PMCID: PMC2918169

New in the CGRB Core Laboratories

M. Dasenko, A. Girard, S. Givan, M. Peterson, C. Sullivan, and J. Carrington
Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, United States



The Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing (CGRB) Core Lab at Oregon State University provides services for fee in genomic technologies (DNA sequencing, DNA genotyping (fragment analysis)) and in functional genomic technologies (microarray). Sequencing is provided both for traditional Sanger sequencing on an AB 3730 and for Ultra high throughput sequencing on the Illumina Genome Analyzer GAIIx. This year we upgraded the GA by adding the ′x′ capability for longer reads and more images per cycle. DNA genotyping has transitioned from the AB 3100 to the AB 3730. Our microarray services include Affymetrix GeneChip and Roche NimbleGen platforms, and sample labeling, hybridization and scanning are offered. We purchased ArrayStar microarray analysis software which is accessible to our researchers through our Biocomputing cluster network. The Agilent Bioanalyzer service now offers High Sensitivity DNA and Plant RNA applications. Our Biocomputing capabilities have expanded. This past year we expanded our server room, doubled the floor space, increased the cooling infrastructure and increased the UPS power back up. To our cluster we added new nodes (now have 420+ processors), new service servers (mysql, http, mailist), new domains, a new Gbrowse development server, and we increased our back-up space. The Biocomputing changes to our High Throughput Sequencing service include removing the IPAR unit from the network and simplifying data pathways both for data management and researcher analysis capabilities. The CGRB Core Lab also maintains multi-user instruments available to researchers. These include a Zeiss LSM510Meta confocal microscope, an AB 7500 FAST qPCR instrument that was upgraded to include High Resolution Melting (HRM) capability, a Storm 820 Phosphoimager, a Nanodrop, a Genetix Q-Pix colony picker, an Axon Genepix 4200A microarray scanner and a fluorescent plate reader.

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