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J Biomol Tech. 2010 September; 21(3 Suppl): S15.
PMCID: PMC2918038

MIRG2010 Study: Molecular Interactions in a Three Component System

S. Bergqvist,2 S. Edavettal,1 E. Eisenstein,3 M. Robinson,4 S. Yadav,5 A. Yamniuk,1 and A. Yeung4
1Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton NJ, United States;
2Pfizer, San Diego, CA, United States;
3University Maryland Biotechnology Institute, Baltimore, MD, United States;
4Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia PA, United States;
5Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland OH, United States



The MIRG 2010 Study was designed to benchmark the capabilities of different laboratories to determine whether two proteins that bind to a common third protein do so synergistically, competitively, or independently. This is a common question that arises during the discovery of protein therapeutic candidates, where it needs to be determined if the candidates bind to the same location on the target molecule or not.It is also a common question from proteomic pull-down and other types of experiments, where multiple proteins are identified as “interacting,” but it can not be determined from that data alone whether the proteins form a ternary complex or bind competitively.As Chair of the MIRG, I'll make a few introductory remarks about the project, and turn the podium over to the MIRG speakers who will give an update on the MIRG 2010 Study.

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