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J Biomol Tech. 2010 September; 21(3 Suppl): S12.
PMCID: PMC2918016

The Microsoft Biology Foundation Applications for High-Throughput Sequencing



The need for reusable libraries of bioinformatics functions has been recognized for many years and a number of language-specific toolkits have been constructed. Such toolkits have served as valuable nucleation points for the community, promoting the sharing of code and establishing standards. The majority of DNA sequencing machines and many other standard pieces of lab equipment are controlled by PCs using Windows, and a Microsoft genomics toolkit would enable initial processing and quality control to happen closer to the instrumentation and provide opportunities for added-value services within core facilities. The Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF) is an open source software library, freely available for both commercial and academic use, available as an early-stage betafrom This presentation will describe the structure and goals of MBF and demonstrate some of its uses.

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