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J Biomol Tech. 2010 September; 21(3 Suppl): S27.
PMCID: PMC2918000

Innovative Software, Hardware, and Consumable Development for the New 3500 Genetic Analyzer System

S.R. Berosik,1 J.R. Goudberg,1 A. Chhibber,1 C.J. Davidson,1 A.C. Felton,1 R.N. Fish,1 T. Gomi,2 I. Haraura,2 S.C. Hung,1 R. Inaba,2 L.K. Joe,1 B.F. Johnson,1 Y. Kodama,2 M. Kotoura,2 R. Kumahara,2 H. Niwa,2 E.S. Nordman,1 T. Ohura,2 R.A. Padilla,1 D. Rodriguez,1 A.A. Pradhan,1 T. Sakurai,2 S.R. Santhanam,1 T. Shoji,2 H. Yamashita,2 and M. Yamazaki2
1Life Technologies Corporation, Foster City, CA, United States;
2Hitachi High Technologies, Naka, Ibaraki, Japan



The genetic analysis platform by which all sequencing technology is compared for accuracy and quality of data generation continues to be the capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform. The 3500 (8-capillary) and the 3500xL (24-capillary) genetic analysis systems have improved the industry standard for CE by providing greater throughput, flexibility and ease-of use. This newly designed system supports DNA sequencing and fragment sizing applications providing scientists with medium-throughput technology for use in research validated environments. The steps from system set-up to base-called or size-called data results have been simplified with hardware functionality and ease-of-use enhancements designed into this new CE system. We will discuss a host of advancements on this new CE system including: an improved polymer delivery pump design, ready-to-use consumables and containers, 6-dye detection functionality, radio frequency identification- (RFID) consumable tracking, plate base flexibility, increased throughput, improved power efficiency, peak height normalization, intuitive user software, and integrated primary analysis software for sequencing and fragment analysis applications. Run modules have been developed for analysis of small amplicon resequencing to long-read sequencing, as well as fragment sizing modules for numerous applications. These advancements integrated together are the 3500/3500xL system which has been developed at Applied Biosystems, part of Life Technologies, to provide these innovations to the research and research validated environments.

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