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PLoS One. 2010; 5(7): 10.1371/annotation/a15728ad-c776-49e4-b39d-bb134c16345c.
Published online 2010 July 12. doi:  10.1371/annotation/a15728ad-c776-49e4-b39d-bb134c16345c
PMCID: PMC2909091

Correction: A Comprehensive Sequence and Disease Correlation Analyses for the C-Terminal Region of CagA Protein of Helicobacter pylori

The NCBI protein accession numbers for the sequences employed in the analysis, and the details of the publications describing each sequence, were omitted from the supplementary information in the published article. The authors would like to apologize for this omission and would like to replace the supplementary Table S3 by the one provided here which includes this information:

The authors would also like to acknowledge the work carried out by the different groups that described the sequences included in this study, and we have therefore included their relevant details in the revised table.


Competing Interests: No competing interests declared.

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