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Published online 2001 January 18. doi: 10.1186/1471-2199-2-1

Figure 2

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Nucleotide sequence of the modified extended ars3002 showing the boundaries of the ~50-bp deletions. The nucleotide sequence with gray background is the modified extended version of ars3002, cloned into the vector pUra4script (see Materials and Methods). The flanking nucleotide sequences with white background show portions of the vector sequence. Yellow highlighting indicates the inserted ClaI linker, and light orange highlighting indicates the modified EcoRI site. The sequence with light gray background corresponds to core ars3002 (nucleotides 19,312 to 20,125 of SPCC330; see legend to Fig. Fig.1),1), while the sequence with dark gray background corresponds to the replication enhancer (nucleotides 20,126 through 20,523 of SPCC330). Each numbered orange or green line indicates the boundaries of the corresponding ~50-bp deletion.

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