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Can Vet J. 2010 August; 51(8): 898.
PMCID: PMC2905015

Answers to Quiz Corner

  1. e) Hypertension is not seen in heartworm infection.
  2. b) Plaque is associated with bacterial infection.
  3. b) Left-sided, not right-sided, heart failure usually produces coughing.
  4. a) The other answers are rare causes of hypothyroidism in dogs.
  5. d) Lymphoid hyperplasia, or reactive hyperplasia, is the most common cause of lymphadenomegaly in cats.
  6. b) Septic arthritis is best treated with a combination of joint drainage and lavage and with parenteral antimicrobial therapy.
  7. c) The other choices listed do not provide adequate prophylaxis in an unvaccinated horse.
  8. a) The site for epidural injection in young to middle-aged cattle is the sacrococcygeal articulation. In older animals this site is ossified, so the first intercoccygeal articulation is used.
  9. c) Pulmonary abscesses are common in the aftermath of shipping fever bronchopneumonia. The walled-off nature and poor blood flow to the center of the abscesses makes them resistant to antimicrobial therapy.
  10. b) Swine dysentery and Trichuris suis infection involve the large intestine. The pars esophagea is in the stomach. Salmonellosis is not associated with massive hemorrhage.

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