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Published online 2010 May 28. doi: 10.1186/1471-2105-11-287

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Logistic growth model fit. A) & B) Logistic model (grey curves) fit to a timecourse of cell density observations (black symbols) for identical S. cerevisiae mutants grown from a dilute liquid inoculated (spotted) culture on solid agar in 384 spot format (open black circles) and from direct pin inoculation (black crosses) in 1536 format at 23°C. Cell density is estimated from IOD using Colonyzer. The logistic model is fully described by the three parameters: G(0), the inoculum cell density, K the carrying capacity or maximum achievable cell density for that culture and r the culture growth rate (d-1). Images were captured manually, in parallel for both inoculation types. A) Observations and model estimates plotted with density on the linear scale. B) Observations and model estimates plotted with density on the log scale. C) Culture photograph timecourses in 384 spotted and 1536 pinned formats corresponding to the data in A) & B). The lower timecourse (1536) format has pinned cultures in quadruplicate. The sum of these four culture densities is represented by the black crosses in panels A) & B).

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