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Published online 2010 June 8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-11-363

Table 3

Differential Abundance of Transcripts and Diversity of Types of GRPs in Salivary Gland Libraries from females of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus SGFRm), Rhipicephalus sanguineus (SGFRs)and Amblyomma cajennense (SGFAc)

Representation of Transcripts Coding for GRPs
LibraryN° of ESTsLibraryN° of ESTsP value*

SGFRm5759.620SGFRs4745.380P = 0.821
SGFRm5745.333SGFAc2335.667P = 0.006
SGFRs4734.421SGFAc2335.579P = 0.003

Representation of Transcripts Coding for GRPs

LibraryN° clustersLibraryN° clustersP value*

SGFRm3327.312SGFRs1622.688P = 0.072
SGFRm3325.617SGFAc1119.383P = 0.015
SGFRs1614.130SGFAc1112.870P = 0.592

Representation of the Most Abundant Transcripts Coding for Specific Types of GRPs

Best match to NR protein databaseLibraryN° of ESTsLibraryN° of ESTsP value

gi|45479213|unknown Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloidesSGFRm2117.678SGFRs1013.322P = 0.372
SGFRm2117.217SGFAc1013.783P = 0.232
AcanthoscurrinSGFRs63,301SGFAc13,699P = 0.424
64PSGFRs139.432SGFAc14.568P = 0.002
Silk-like proteins from true spidersSGFRm2322,749SGFRs1717,251P = 0.936
SGFRm2317,247SGFAc813,753P = 0.056
SGFRs1712,185SGFAc812,815P = 0.396

*Chi-square test for representation of the glycine-rich proteins distributed in the three cDNA libraries.