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Published online 2010 June 8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-11-363

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Multiple alignment of Glycine-rich proteins of A. cajennense, R. sanguineus and R. microplus ticks. The transcript protein sequences of clades numbered in figure 3 were aligned in the Clustal X program and analyzed with Bioedit software. Clade 1: transcripts from R. microplus that were homologous with flagelliform silk protein of orb-web weaving spiders. Clade 2: transcripts from A. cajennense were homologous with major ampullate spidroin protein of non-orb-web weaving spiders. Clade 3: transcripts from R. sanguineus and R. microplus that were homologous with an "unknown", cement-like protein from R.. haemaphysaloides.

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