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Published online 2010 June 8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-11-363

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Dendogram of Glycine-rich proteins of A. cajennense, R. sanguineus and R. microplus ticks. The protein sequences were aligned by the Clustal X program (Thompson et al., 1997), and the dendrogram was calculated using the Mega package (Kumar et al., 2004) after 10,000 bootstraps with the neighbor joining (NJ) algorithm. The bar at the bottom represents 20% amino acid substitution. The Roman numerals in the figure indicate the three most distinct clades. Filled symbols are transcripts that presented matches with spider silk proteins and empty symbols are transcripts that displayed matches with cement-like proteins of ticks in Arachnida database (from NCBI). Circle: R. microplus; square: R. sanguineus; triangle: A. cajennense. All similarities (best match against Arachnida database) of transcripts in dendrogram can be observed in Table 2.

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