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Published online 2010 July 1. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1001006

Table 1

Intermediate steps in strain construction and final strains.
Strain nameDescriptionGenotype
CS 1004Starting haploid type 1 met6-DELMATa ade5-1 his7-2 leu2-3,112 trp1-289 ura3-Del met6-DEL
CS 1006Starting haploid type 2 met2-DELMATa ade5-1 his7-2 leu2-3,112 trp1-289 ura3-Del met2-DEL
CS 10613′ tyr1 alleleAs CS 1006 with tyr1 300–1359 trp1-DEL
CS 10645′ tyr1 alleleAs CS 1004 with tyr1 1–700 trp1-DEL
CS 1120mcd1-1As CS 1061 but mcd1-1
CS 1122mcd1-1As CS 1064 but mcd1-1
CS 2050(Diploid)As CS 1061 but MATaα
CS 2052(Diploid)As CS 1064 but MATaα
CS 2064Starting diploid 1 (Figure 1)As CS 2050 but MATαα
CS 2065Starting diploid 2 (Figure 1)As CS 2052 but MATaa
CS 2200MCD1 hetrozygote (Diploid)As CS2064 but MCD1/mcd1::KAN
CS 2222MCD1 hetrozygote (Diploid)As CS2065 but MCD1/mcd1::Hygromycin
CS 2274SMC3 heterozygote (Diploid)As CS2064 but SMC3/smc3::KAN
CS 2277SMC3 heterozygote (Diploid)As CS2065 but SMC3/smc3::Hygromycin
CS 2107RAD50 heterozygote (Diploid)As CS2065 but RAD50/rad50::KAN
CS 2208RAD50 heterozygote (Diploid)As CS2064 but RAD50/rad50::Hygromycin
CS 2251Rad51 heterozygote (Diploid)As CS2064 but RAD51/rad50::Hygromycin
CS 2255rad51 homozygote (Diploid)As CS2065 but rad51::KAN/rad51::URA3
CS 2054WT (Diploid)Cross CS1061XCS1064
CS 2259mcd1-1 (Diploid)Cross CS1120XCS1122
CS 4021WT tetraplex (Tetraploid)Cross of CS2064XCS2065
CS 4175MCD1 duplex (Tetraploid)MCD1/MCD1/mcd1:: Hygromycin/mcd1::KAN (Cross of CS2222XCS2200)
CS 4229SMC3 duplex (Tetraploid)SMC3/SMC3/smc3:: Hygromycin/smc3::KAN (Cross of CS2274XCS2276)
CS 4143RAD50 duplex (Tetraploid)RAD50/RAD50/rad50:: Hygromycin/rad50::KAN Cross of (CS2107XCS2208)
CS 4207MCD1 simplex (Tetraploid)MCD1/mcd1::URA3/mcd1::Hygromycin/mcd1::KAN (based on CS 4175)
CS 4238SMC3 simplex (Tetraploid)SMC3/smc3:URA3/smc3:: Hygromycin/smc3::KAN (based on CS 4229)
CS 4157RAD50 simplex (Tetraploid)RAD50/rad50::URA3/rad50:: Hygromycin/rad50::KAN (based on CS 4143)
CS 4240RAD51 simplex (Tetraploid)Cross CS2251XCS2255