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Published online 2010 July 1. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1001006

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Both reciprocal and non-reciprocal exchanges are found in DNA damage–induced TYR1 recombinants.

(A) Minimal estimation of reciprocal exchanges (RE) was obtained by PCR amplification of TYR1 locus of Tyr+ colonies (details in text and in Figure 5) (The numbers of events were “y” was identified or not are presented). (B) Calculation of excepted frequency of RE in TYR1 locus of irradiated cells. The minimal estimate for RE frequency among Tyr+ recombinants (7A) was multiplied by 2, assuming that all events occurred in G2 (Figure S7) and then was multiplied by the frequency of Tyr+ induced recombinants as measured in Figure 6.

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