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Published online 2010 July 1. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1001006

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MCD1 simplex cells are more sensitive than the WT to IR as G2/M but not G1 (stationary) phase cells.

(A) Nocodazole-arrested WT RAD50, RAD51 and MCD1 simplex cells (G2/M) or (B) WT and MCD1cells from 3 day stationary cultures (G1) were irradiated with the indicated doses. Cells were spread on YPDA (described in Materials and Methods under “Nocodazole arrest, gamma irradiation, and post irradiation incubation”) or complete synthetic media plates (there was no difference in survival between the two types of media). Survival was determined after 2–3 days. Survival was determined from at least 6 cultures for each genotype; error bars correspond to the standard error (SEM).

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