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Mayo Clin Proc. 2010 July; 85(7): e50.
PMCID: PMC2894731

Ferri's Color Atlas and Text of Clinical Medicine

Reviewed by Jason A. Post, MD

edited by  Fred F. Ferri,  1278 pp, with illus,  $129,  Philadelphia, PA,  Saunders (telephone: 800-545-2522),  2009, ISBN  978-1-4160-4919-7.

Grading Key [large star][large star][large star][large star][large star] = outstanding; [large star][large star][large star][large star] = excellent; [large star][large star][large star] = good; [large star][large star] = fair; [large star] = poor

Type and Scope of Book:

A multiauthored, comprehensive color atlas and clinical textbook that covers the breadth of medicine.


This textbook is a combination of a color atlas and a textbook that covers all areas of medicine, ranging from skin disorders to blood dyscrasias. It is organized by organ system and by disease process. Each disease process is then organized into distinct categories of definition, clinical presentation, cause, differential diagnosis, work-up, imaging studies, and treatment. Thousands of color photographs, illustrations, radiologic images, tables, and flowcharts accompany the text to provide the reader with a rich visual experience. This is a wonderful text for the rapid overview and understanding of a vast array of disease processes.


The combination of succinct text in an outline form accompanied by images, tables, and flowcharts allows for excellent understanding and recall of the information. The high-quality photos include both common and uncommon diseases.


The text is well-organized but is a brief overview of many disease conditions. As such, there is not indepth explanation of pathophysiology, diagnostic testing, or therapeutic options. Photos are representative of classic presentations, but there are not many images of uncommon presentations of common diseases.

Recommended Readership:

General internists, family physicians, and medical students.

Overall Grading:

[large star][large star][large star][large star]

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