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Logo of medhistThe Wellcome Trust Centre of the History of Medicine (UCL)Medical History
Med Hist. 2010 July; 54(3): 430–432.
PMCID: PMC2889484

Books also Received

(The inclusion of a title does not preclude the possibility of subsequent review. Items received, other than those assigned for review, are ultimately incorporated into the collection of the Wellcome Library.)

Alberti Fay Bound., Matters of the heart: history, medicine and emotion, Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. xii, 228, £25.00 (hardback 978-0-19-954097-6).

Attia Annie, Buisson Giles., editors. (eds), with the collaboration of Markham J Geller, Advances in Mesopotamian medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates, proceedings of the international conference ‘Oeil malade et mauvais oeil’, Collège de France, Paris, 23rd June 2006, Cuneiform Monographs, vol. 37, Leiden and Boston, Brill, 2009, [euro]83.00, $123.00 (hardback 978-90-04-17876-2).

Avramov Iordan, Hunter Michael, Yoshimoto Hideyuki., Boyle’s books: the evidence of his citations, Robert Boyle Project, Occasional Papers, No. 4, London, Birkbeck, University of London, 2010, pp. xxvi, 35 (paperback 978-0-9551608-3-7).

Bates A W., The anatomy of Robert Knox: murder, mad science and medical regulation in nineteenth-century Edinburgh, Brighton, and Toronto, Sussex Academic Press, 2010, pp. x, 228, £39.95 (hardback 978-1-84519-381-2).

Bender Daniel E., American abyss: savagery and civilization in the age of industry, Ithaca and London, Cornell University Press, 2009, pp. x, 328, illus., £26.95, $39.95 (hardback 978-0-8014-4598-9).

Bleker Johanna, Hess Volker., editors. (eds), Die Charité: Geschichte(n) eines Krankenhauses, Berlin, Akademie Verlag, 2010, pp. 299, [euro]69.80 (hardback 978-3-05-004525-2).

Chalmers John., editor. (ed.), Andrew Duncan Senior: physician of the Enlightenment, Edinburgh, National Museums Scotland, 2010, pp. xvi, 253, illus., £14.99 (paperback 978-1-905267-30-9).

Chipman Leigh., The world of pharmacy and pharmacists in Mamlūk Cairo, Sir Henry Wellcome Asian Series, vol. 8, Leiden and Boston, Brill, 2010, pp. x, 318, [euro]104.00, $154.00 (hardback 978-90-04-17606-5).

Frandsen Karl-Erik., The last plague in the Baltic region, 1709–1713, Copenhagen, Museum Tusculanum Press, 2010, pp. 537, £67.99 (hardback 978-87-635-0770-7).

Gill Christopher, Whitmarsh Tim, Wilkins John., editors. (eds), Galen and the world of knowledge, Greek Culture in the Roman World, Cambridge and New York, Cambridge University Press, 2009, pp. xviii, 327, £60.00, $99.00 (hardback 978-0-521-76751-4).

Goldstein Jan., Hysteria complicated by ecstasy: the case of Nanette Leroux, Princeton, University Press, 2010, pp. xii, 246, £20.95 (hardback 978-0-691-01186-8).

Hallett Christine E., Containing trauma: nursing work in the First World War, Cultural History of Modern War, New York and Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2009, pp. xviii, 259, £60.00 (hardback 978-0-7190-7958-0).

Huguet-Termes Teresa, Arrizabalaga Jon, Cook Harold J., editors. (eds), Health and medicine in Hapsburg Spain: agents, practices, representations, Medical History, Supplement No. 29, London, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, 2009, pp. vi, 158, £35.00, [euro]40.00, $60.00 (hardback 978-0-85484-128-8).

Kelly James, Clark Fiona., editors. (eds), Ireland and medicine in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, History of Medicine in Context, Farnham, Surrey, and Burlington, VT, Ashgate, 2010, pp. xiv, 227, £55.00 (hardback 978-0-7546-6556-4).

Kennedy Meegan., Revising the clinic: vision and representation in Victorian medical narrative and the novel, Columbus, Ohio State University Press, 2010, pp. x, 261, $39.99 (hardback 978-0-8142-1116-8).

Laroche Rebecca., Medical authority and Englishwomen’s herbal texts, 1550–1650, Literary and Scientific Cultures of Early Modernity, Farnham and Burlington, VT, Ashgate, 2009, pp. xii, 196, illus., £55.00 (hardback 978-0-7546-6678-3).

Sanz Pilar León., editor. (ed.), Health institutions at the origin of the welfare systems in Europe, Serie Salud, Pamplona, EUNSA, 2010, pp. 199, [euro]12.50 (paperback 978-84-313-2673-9).

Liu Michael Shiyung., Prescribing colonization: the role of medical practices and policies in Japan-ruled Taiwan, 1895–1945, Asia Past & Present: New Research from AAS, Ann Arbor, Association for Asian Studies, 2009, pp. x, 286, $25.00 (paperback 978-0-924304-57-6).

Lord Alexandra M., Condom nation: the U.S. government’s sex education campaign from World War I to the Internet, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010, pp. xv, 224, £21.00 (hardback 978-9-8018-9380-3).

Löwy Ilana., Preventive strokes: women, precancer, and prophylactic surgery, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010, pp. xi, 328, illus., £26.00 (hardback 978-0-8018-9364-3).

MacLehose William F., ‘A tender age’: cultural anxieties over the child in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, New York, Columbia University Press, 2008, pp. xvi, 247, £41.50 (hardback 978-0-231-14256-4).

McDonald Lynn., Florence Nightingale at first hand, London and New York, Continuum, 2010, pp. xvii, 197, illus., £14.99 (paperback 978-1-4411-3255-0).

McGann Susan, Crowther Anne, Dougall Rona., A history of the Royal College of Nursing 1916–90: a voice for nurses, Manchester and New York, Manchester University Press, 2009, pp. x, 358, £19.99 (paperback 978-07190-7796-8).

McKenna James, Manzoor Farhat, Jones Greta., Candles in the dark: medical issues in Northern Ireland during the troubles, London, Nuffield Trust, 2009, pp. v, 149, free of charge (paperback 978-1-905030-32-3).

Pinnow Kenneth M., Lost to the collective: suicide and the promise of Soviet socialism, 1921–1929, Ithaca and London, Cornell University Press, 2010, pp. xi, 276, £31.50, $49.95 (hardback 978-0-8014-4766-2).

Reverby Susan M., Examining Tuskegee: the infamous syphilis study and its legacy, Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 2009, pp. xv, 384, $30.00 (hardback 978-0-8078-3310-0).

Rieder Philip., Anatomie d’une institution médicale: la Faculté de medecine de Genève (1876–1920), Lausanne, Éditions BHMS, 2009, pp. xii, 391, [euro]47.00, CHF 65.00 (paperback 978-2-9700536-3-7).

Salisbury Laura, Shail Andrew., editors. (eds), Neurology and modernity: a cultural history of nervous systems, 1800–1950, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, pp. xiii, 298, £55.00 (hardback 978-0-230-23313-3).

Scarborough John., Pharmacy and drug lore in antiquity: Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Variorum Collected Studies Series, Farnham, Surrey, and Burlington, VT, Ashgate, 2010, pp. xxvii, 384, £75.00 (hardback 978-0-7546-5954-2).

Schneider Frederico., Pastoral drama and healing in early modern Italy, Farnham, Surrey, and Burlington, VT, Ashgate, 2010, pp. ix, 236, £55.00 (hardback 978-0-7546-6557-1).

Schweig Nicole., Gesundheitsverhalten von Männern: Gesundheit und Krankheit in Briefen, 1800–1950, MedGG-Beiheft 33, Stuttgart, Franz Steiner, 2009, pp. 288, [euro]39.25 (paperback 978-3-515-09362-0).

Tissot Samuel Auguste., De la médecine civile ou de la police de la médecine: edition du manuscrit de, 1797, Miriam Nicoli, Sources en Perspective, Lausanne, Éditions BHMS, 2009, pp. lxx, 160, [euro]26.00, CHF 39.00 (paperback 978-2-9700536-9-9).

Usborne Cornelie., Cultures of abortion in Weimar Germany, Monographs in German History, vol. 17, New York and Oxford, Berghahn Books, 2007, pp. xi, 284, £45.00, $90.00 (hardback 978-1-84545-389-3).

Dixon Vuic Kara., Officer, nurse, woman: the Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam war, War/Society/Culture Series, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010, pp. xiv, 271, £26.00 (hardback 978-0-8018-9391-9).

Whorton James C., The arsenic century: how Victorian Britain was poisoned at home, work, and play, Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. xxii, 412, illus., £16.99 (978-0-19-957470-4).

Williams Peter., The story of the Wellcome Trust: unlocking Sir Henry’s legacy to medical research, Hindringham, Norfolk, JJG Publishing, 2010, pp. xvi, 118, illus., £16.95 (hardback 978-1-899163-92-2).

Wolffram Heather., The stepchildren of science: psychical research and parapsychology in Germany, c. 1870–1939, Wellcome Series in the History of Medicine, Clio Medica 88, Amsterdam and New York, Rodopi, 2009, pp. 342, [euro]70.00, $109.00 (hardback 978-90-420-2728-2).

World Health Organization , Sixty years of WHO in Europe, Copenhagen, World Health Organization, 2010, pp. v, 60, illus., $25.00 (in developing countries, CHF/US$17.50), (paperback 978-92-890-1417-5).

World Health Organization , The third ten years of the World Health Organization, 1968–1977, Geneva, World Health Organization, 2008, pp. viii, 332 (paperback 978-92-4-156366-6).

Articles from Medical History are provided here courtesy of Cambridge University Press