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Ni2+ partially reverses the effect of low [Ca2+]e on the Ca2+ transient. The average normalized Ca2+ transients from WT (n = 14), Het (n = 12), and Hom (n = 18) R163C myotubes, which were depolarized for 180 s by 60 mM [K+]e in the presence of 1.8 × 10−3 M Ca2+, followed by a 5-min rest in normal Ringer’s solution, depolarized for 180 s again in low Ca2+ solution (3.7 × 10−6 M), followed by a second 5-min rest, and then depolarized for a third time in low Ca2+ solution supplemented with 2 × 10−3 M Ni2+ (see Table II for the rates of Ca2+ transient decay for each condition).

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